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I attended the annual Gold Coast Pistol League meeting, held at our clubhouse.  The results of the 2016/2017 season is official. Matinecock won both the handicapped total as well as the shoulder to shoulder scoring. Thanks shooters, and thanks for all the support from the members, the board, and the president. Thank you, brothers. 
Lest we rest on our laurels, the following is the schedule for the upcoming 2017/2018 Gold Coast Pistol League .22 season:
MATCH     DATE             VS.                LOCATION    HOST     
 1.   Tue,  10/3/2017     Old Breed          GCR          Mill River
 2.   Thu,  10/19/2017   MBSC                MBSC*      MBSC
 3.   Tue,  10/24/2017   Mill River           GCR          Old Breed
 4.   Wed, 12/20/2017   MBSC                GCR          Matinecock
 5.   Tue,   1/ 9/2018    Mill River            GCR          Mill River
 6.   Wed,  1/24/2018   Mill River            GCR          Matinecock 
 7.   Thu,   2/ 1/2018    Old Breed           MBSC*      MBSC
 8.   Tue,   2/13/2018   Old Breed           GCR          Old Breed
 9.   Thu,   3/ 1/2018    MBSC                 MBSC*      MBSC 
10.  Tue,   3/13/2018   MBSC                 GCR          Mill River 
11.  Thu,   4/ 5/2018    Mill River            MBSC*      Old Breed
12.  Thu,   4/19/2018   Old Breed           MBSC*      All
*Matches are scheduled to begin at 7:30 PM, but matches at MBSC usually start 30 to up to 45 minutes early. If you have late plans on those nights, get to MBSC early to shoot 'n scoot. Matches hosted by MBSC usually have decent refreshments.
Lube those slides, check your "eyes and ears", sight in, check your pistols for functionality, and make sure your optics have fresh batteries.
Beginning this year, I'd like to ask the shooters for feedback on scoring for awards because not everyone can make every match. 
There are 12 .22 matches, and 5 ISU matches, so, for example, should a shooter have to attend 12 of 12, 10 of 12, 9 of 12, or some other number to be eligible for a .22 award, and should a shooter need to attend 5 of 5, 4 of 5, or 3 of 5 to be eligible for an ISU award?   Please respond with your name, and how many matches you believe a shooter should have to attend to win an award for each type of match.  
This is your team. I will compile the yearly totals any way the majority of you vote.  
Again, there is no pressure to vote any one way. I'm just the administrator here, and will execute the majority will of the team. I do ask that you all respond as quickly as possible.

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