New President for 2018

Let me start my first newsletter article as the President-elect by
thanking everyone for all of your support over the years and I will
serve our club to the best of my abilities.

We have many projects to get done this current year; including the
shed, fire pit, barbeque area, and deck. With plenty of hands, it will
make it that much easier. Please try to participate in work details,
and of course, you are always welcome to attend the board meetings.
We also need a new set of volunteers to get our club breakfast back
on track. I always enjoyed making the Bloody Marys.

The saying is true that the more you do for the club is the more
you will get out of it. Please try and do your best by participating
in our teams or helping the committees, camaraderie is one of
the many benefits of your club.

It is hard to believe how fast time flies. I still remember clearly about
fifteen years ago discussing in the kitchen of the Glenwood Fire
Department Headquarters with my good friends Kenny Moore and
Don Sinski about joining this wonderful club. Fast forward to today
and I’m trying to fill giant shoes left behind by Sab. I feel fortunate
to have served on the board with great directors, officers and under
terrific Presidents Jimmy Oates, John Grella, and Sab Caponi.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Fox Hollow January 16th.
Remember this is your club if you ever have any questions don’t
hesitate to call me or any director or officer. As Sab always says,
we serve you!

~ Robert Ottaviano

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